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We are


A Prague based fintech founded in 2013



collaborating between offices in 7 countries



consisting of banks and fintechs from all over the world



in business based around enriched payment data and card-linked marketing


Data products

Dateio Platform for card-linked offers and TapiX payment data enrichment API

Bridging the data gap between payments and people lives

TapiX story began at 2013 while we were in the process of building our card‑linked marketing solution caled Dateio platform. We noticed that not many financial institutions understood payment data and thus were not able to offer a banking experience and personalization that put the users’ needs at the center. We also realized that we had already been working on tools which could provide the service that could fix it. That’s when TapiX was born.


We are open, we trust and respect each other.

Competence & Responsibility

We understand our work and are constantly developing and educating ourselves.

Usefulness & Engagement

We actively look for opportunities to bring more value to the company and our colleagues.

Drive & Think big

We set high goals and think with an open mind.

Join the team

We’ve got data-savvy analytics, tech wizards, marketing enthusiasts, cyclists, travellers, puppies – you get the idea. We share the interest of making a difference in banking and if this sounds like something you want to get on board with, let us know.

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How can you reach us?

Stop by for a coffee when you're on your way to the heart of Europe

Štefánikova 43a,
Entrance F,
Prague 5 150 00
Billing address
Dateio s.r.o.
Beníškové 1285/7
15000 Prague
Czech republic
VAT: CZ02216973
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