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Transaction Data Enrichment

ATM Nearby™

Provide the best possible experience to your clients when searching for a place to withdraw money.

Cash is still the topic

The world might be becoming more digital by the day, yet in many countries across the globe, there are still around 3.5 million ATMs in operation. In many places, cash payments remain essential and are still considered the main way to pay.

TapiX ATM Nearby™ is here to enhance the experience when users discover unknown places and search for a way to withdraw money in times of need.

Trusted by 50+ global banks and fintechs


Why enhance your banking app with an ATM Nearby™?

Turn client frustration into trust

Save money of your clients and avoid their frustration by uncovering (hidden) extra fees incurred by ATM owner they might not expect.

Introduce or empower your ATM locator feature

Stay ahead of the competition and boost your app's attractiveness. Enable clients to see ATMs in the area regardless of provider.

Boost your financial advisory feature

Can your chatbot answer a simple question: Where is the closest ATM? With our ATM locator API it becomes a trivial task.

"ATM fees are biting harder than ever. The average total fee a customer pays for an out-of-network ATM transaction rose to $4.73, a record high, Bankrate found, based on data from non-interest and interest accounts. $3.15, with the average fee the customer’s own bank charges the customer for the out-of-network transaction, $1.58"

Greg McBride, Bankrate’s Chief Financial Analyst

Designed for
global use

TapiX ATM Nearby was created to be a universal helping hand to all passionate travellers to make cash withdrawals easy and convenient, no matter where they are.

ATM location‍

Exact GPS location of ATM with street, zip, city and region.

Distance to destination

Distance to ATM from your current GPS location.

Accurate provider name

Name of the provider or owner of the ATM.

Withdrawal fee

Show extra fees of ATM provider in advance.

ATM labelling

Supportive labels for clearer visibility.

Clear provider logo

High-quality and manually checked name of the ATM owner.

Visualization of enriched transaction detail with  clear merchant name, logo, category, business adress, CO2 footprint and contact details

Provide consistent experience

Show ATM information in similar look and feel as clients see their transaction in payment history (including past ATM withdrawals)

Our API provides structured information about ATMs at specified location.
Clear withdrawal history
Deployable for any market or region

Uncover ATM fees

Show that you truly care about your clients' money by transparently displaying withdrawal fees at all ATMs (not just yours).

*ATM fee identification uncovers additional fees incurred by ATM owner. It does not reflect your own fees, and client’s product packages and past behaviour e.g. first two withdrawals per month are free, etc.


Make even small things impactful with quality data

TapiX API is ready for deployment in any market using comprehensive algorithms combined with human validation.

Today we enrich over billion of transactions per month across EMEA, LATAM and NCA regions with coverage ranging from 65-85% and 99.99% accuracy.


Recognised merchants


Unique merchant logos


Unique locations


Data accuracy

Success story

How bunq provides
data-driven insights?

bunq - the Dutch challenger bank was struggling to achieve a high coverage of merchant reconciliation. Learn more about how TapiX helped them through payment data enrichment.

Read success story

Ready to take the next step?


Bring more value to your users through enriched payment data

How do you ensure data quality?

TapiX uses multiple controls based on statistics, outlier detection and various algorithms to provide you with the best data quality possible. Data quality is supervised by our data team to prevent any mistakes. Due to the complexity of data quality checks, TapiX receives less than 1 complaint per 6 000 000 processed transactions.

Are our clients data secure?

Through the API you only transfer the terminal identifiers. TapiX fulfills the highest security standards and processes no personal information about your clients. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Dateio stores and processes data in AWS which fulfills the highest security standards.

How do you ensure data quality?

Note that if TapiX returned an “unsolved” shop it might be due to multiple reasons. The data provided might not be sufficient enough to identify the correct shop (e.g. not enough parameters provided) or TapiX simply does not recognize the shop now. TapiX always returns as much information as possible but it is always possible that some information about the shop or the merchant may be missing. Note that the quality of the service improves over time and your data can be solved in the near future.

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