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Transaction data enrichment

Carbon footprint insights

Raise carbon literacy through education, explanation and motivation

Engage, empower but don‘t judge.


of consumers

Feel they need more information to make better choices when shopping sustainably, highlighting the need for education and resources to make eco-friendly decisions easier


of consumers

Want to buy more sustainably


of consumers

Are prepared to behave differently if it benefits society

**The data are based on the EY Future Consumer Index

Make even small things impactful with quality data

Carbon footprint calculation

Appraise clients with positive results of calculated CO2 footprint for individual transactions and identified eco-friendy habits.

Estimated footprint for every transaction
Calculation recognising different national models
Appraisal for purchases proving environmentally responsible behaviour

Sustainable labelling

Identifying transactions based on the nature of the shops and the products they sell, enabling users to make sustainable choices effortlessly

Ready-made set of tags
Custom categories and tags
Encourage conscious and sustainable consumption
Blog Article
Sustainable banking

The topic of global warming, long-term sustainability and overall respect for planet Earth has been discussed for decades, across human activities and industries. Today, there is little doubt that climate change poses a real and significant political and economic risk to humanity.

Learn about trends, initiatives and the future of green banking in our article.

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Add context to calculations with fun facts, similes or recommendations to help clients better understand the values.
Engage, empower but don‘t judge.

Enhance your clients' everyday lives with a banking app. "Tip of the Day" or "Did you know" after logging into the app can be a way to go
Give carbon footprint values real and practical meaning by putting the values into a context that the client can easily imagine and understand
Make your clients' journey to sustainability easier by helping them understand the environmental impact of their individual purchases and teaching them how to improve their habits.

** Based on the general EU model. Example of €50 spent. Our approach is ready for CO2 tracking on the merchant level once possible.

Why choose Tapix?

Precision in carbon footprint calculation is strongly influenced by precision of categorisation. Standard models focus on estimation of CO2 multipliers for individual categories. However, accuracy of underlying categorisation is out of the scope.

Become an ESG leader

Drive customer engagement and help raise carbon footprint literacy on a daily basis through your digital banking app. Customers want to understand the ESG in digital era.

Regulatory compliance

Provide your SME clients with fully compliant Scope 1, 2 and 3 reporting and become their primary account.

Seamless integration

The single integration for both data enrichment and CO2 calculations with a fully documented API deployable within weeks.

Success story

How bunq provides CO2 insights

bunq continues to promote sustainability within the banking industry. By deepening the partnership with Dateio, bunq reinforces its commitment to helping users create a positive impact on the environment with every transaction they make.

Learn more about how TapiX helped them through transaction data enrichment.

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We're here to help you grow with your data

Count on the additional services and features that the TapiX team has prepared for you, developed for quality assurance, the ability to evaluate decisions and continuous development.

Feedback API

Offer users the ability to dispute or correct erroneous information within transaction details. Allowing users to claim wrong merchant names, logos, locations, etc., ensure accurate transaction records.

Customer success

Our Customer Success Managers are ready to guide you through data validation, API implementation, testing and support you through live deployment.


We track data changes and through APIs, clients can easily see which data needs to be refreshed and modified. The client retrieves the updated data through the API and replaces or removes the old data.

Business intelligence

We provide an online reporting tool based on MS Power BI to ensure continuous transparency of the product performance for each client.

Cashback collaboration

As a core product, Dateio offers a card-linked marketing platform for targeted offers (cashback and rewards campaigns) supercharged by TapiX enriched payment data.

Pulse checks

We hold regular quarterly pulse checks. Ensuring our clients are satisfied and up-to date with our latest product enhancements.

How to elevate transaction data into actionable insights?

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