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How tapix works?

Designed for seamless integration

Meet TapiX service

TapiX is a seamless cloud-based REST API service that provides banks and fintechs with transaction data enrichment enabling them to build their own solutions on top of this data.

From confusion to clarity

We believe that the better data you have, the less work you have to do. Put full focus on solution building, rather than messy data wrangling.

Get to solution building in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Collect your Data

Collect payment data from all tranaction sources, such as card transactions, bank transfers or open banking (PSD2) payments. TapiX can handle all inputs.

Step 2

Call TapiX API

The TapiX engine consolidates and enriches raw, unstructured and uncategorized transactional data and transforms it by sending it in the form of structured data points back to your infrastructure (database, data warehouse, etc.).

Step 3

Unlock the potential of enriched data

Leverage the smart data you obtain for your analytics, UX, sustainability or business cases.

Testing own data in our free sandbox is a good way to start.

Smart data enable smart solution building

Enriched transaction data from TapiX unlocks a variety of opportunities:

Clear Payment History

Let your clients know exactly what they paid for with the merchant's accurate name and logo, payment category or GPS location

Fuel for your PFM

Supercharge your PFM with 500+ payment categories, budgeting options or subscription overview

Mastercard Mandate Compliance

Meet all the requirements of AN 4569 Revised Standards for the Display of Enhanced Merchant Data


Gain deep insight into your clients' habits, needs and goals and predict their behaviour

Smart Data for Credit Scoring

Maximize scoring accuracy and gain a new layer of insight into clients´ daily lives


Empower you business teams with detailed customer segmentation and deliver a targeted personalised experience

ATM Nearby™

Provide the best possible experience to your clients when searching for a place to withdraw money

Eco Track™

Raise carbon literacy through education and motivation with CO2 calulations and Eco Tags & Eco Tips

Chargeback Guard™

Reduce the cost of dealing with chargebacks by ensuring that clients know exactly what they are paying for

How do we ensure success of our data?

Data quality

Focus on Quality is a way to go

Data enrichment, especially in the payment sector, involves enhancing transactional data with additional information, enabling a deeper understanding of customer behavior, reducing fraud, and ultimately improving the overall payment ecosystem.

To achieve the best results, three fundamental qualities need to be balanced - Coverage, Accuracy, and Information richness, emphasizing the interconnected nature of these qualities for a comprehensive understanding.

Data structure

Information richness up to the shop level

Imagine the data system as a network of connected layers. At the top, you have the merchant, with a clear and accurate name and logo. Below this, each shop gets its own detailed profile, including categorization, URL, store type, tags, GPS location, and Google Place ID. Each shop is linked to multiple POS terminals, capturing every transaction.

By organizing data in this way, from merchants down to individual terminals, we ensure that you get clear, precise, and actionable insights from your transaction data.

Data correctness

99.99% accuracy is our commitment

We track our reliability and learn from mistakes. Currently, we have less than 1 complaint per 6M transactions by using a combination of AI-powered and statistical algorithms, supported by human validation process and client feedback.

Categorisation model

Get far beyond MCC

Gain deep insights into specific client lifestyle and predict behaviour with a Four-level transaction categorisation system.

Besides detailed categorisation, you also get:

Merchant categories
Unique store-level tags
Categorisation coverage
Data accuracy
"As an entirely mobile bank, the pressures of innovating to match expectations is something that we thrive under. The mobile revolution has made a massive impact on society both in the way we communicate but also the rate at which we want our needs to be met. This is something that our partners at Dateio clearly agree on."

Ali Niknam

Founder & CEO at bunq

"TapiX is a great solution to enhance the customer transactional banking experience. In my view, such solution is a must for any modern bank."

Alexey Kapustin

CEO at Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG

„In a quick 3-month integration, TapiX's data met and surpassed AN4569 standards, enhancing the overall payment experience for our users. We value our cooperation with TapiX as it grants us instant access to accurate global merchant data.“

Alex Friedli

Chief Operating Officer at Swisscard

„We welcome the cooperation with TapiX as it gives us instant access to worldwide merchant data. This way we can provide better payment insights to our users without having to start worry about gathering the data ourselves.“

Leen Asfour

Product Lead at Reflect by Arab Bank


We're here to help you grow with your data

Feedback API

Offer users the ability to dispute or correct erroneous information within transaction details by allowing users to claim wrong merchant names, logos, locations, etc., ensure accurate transaction records

Customer success

Our Customer Success Managers are ready to guide you through data validation, API implementation, testing and support you through live deployment


We track data changes and through APIs, clients can easily see which data needs to be refreshed and modified. The client retrieves the updated data through the API and replaces or removes the old data.

Business intelligence

We provide an online reporting tool based on MS Power BI to ensure continuous transparency of the product performance for each client.

Cashback collaboration

As a core product, Dateio offers a card-linked marketing platform for targeted offers (cashback and rewards campaigns) supercharged by TapiX enriched payment data.

Pulse checks

We hold regular pulse check meetings at least quarterly to ensure client satisfaction with product performance, inform clients about the latest product enhancements.