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for seamless integration

How TapiX API works?

Our service is a simple cloud based REST API and is set up in a matter of days. You can call the API at the moment of the payment and employ the service in real-time use cases. On‑premise solution and batch API version is also available.

Example of raw unstructured payment dataExample of structured enriched payment data in codeExample of bank app with enriched payment data

Call TapiX API

Make the most of the data you already have.  Call TapiX API with raw transaction data from card payments, bank transfers or open banking (PSD2). Reduce operating costs and increased efficiency of data enrichment with no need of maintenance from internal teams.

Engage with structured payment data

From confusion to clarity. Get clean, structured data that's ready to deploy into your applications, analytics or CRM through seamless REST API integration.  Leverage this data for your internal teams and understand your users' behavior like never before.

Grow together with your clients

Provide the best possible customer experience to your app users and engage them in regular usage with clear and useful payment information and collect valuable feedback. Let your teams and users grow together by making conscious decisions based on the correct data.

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Built to all standards

TapiX collects, consolidates and enriches data from all relevant payment sources to provide a comprehensive view of customer spending habits

Card transactions
Bank transfers
PSD2 / Open banking data
Local standards (QR payments, …)

TapiX architecture

Your client makes a payment or transaction
Raw transaction data are stored within your infrastructure
Data are enriched and turned into structured meaningful information
Enriched data are ready 
for action
See documentation

Data structure

Structure of enrichment data to transactions follows natural logic. There is information related to merchant and to shop itself.

Data correctness

We track our reliability and learn from mistakes. Currently, we have less than 1 complaint per 6M transactions.

AI-powered algorithms
Statistical algorithms
Various data sources
Feedback API for clients
Outlier detection

Feedback API

Offer users the ability to dispute or correct erroneous information within transaction details by allowing users to claim wrong merchant names, logos, locations, etc., ensure accurate transaction records


Are our clients data secure?

Through the API you only transfer the terminal identifiers. TapiX fulfills the highest security standards and processes no personal information about your clients. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Dateio stores and processes data in AWS which fulfills the highest security standards.

How can I try TapiX out?

There are many methods available for you to see if TapiX is the right service for you. The simplest way to see how TapiX works is by sending us a csv file with several hundred sample transactions which we will send back to you with the enriched data. You also can head to sandbox and try out TapiX yourself and call the API using your own credentials. If you have any troubles, please contact us at and we will check whether the input data are formatted correctly. If you want to learn more about TapiX or try it out, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why did not TapiX return the correct shop info?

Note that if TapiX returned an “unsolved” shop it might be due to multiple reasons. The data provided might not be sufficient enough to identify the correct shop (e.g. not enough parameters provided) or TapiX simply does not recognize the shop now. TapiX always returns as much information as possible but it is always possible that some information about the shop or the merchant may be missing. Note that the quality of the service improves over time and your data can be solved in the near future.

Can TapiX provide us with categorization customized to our needs?

Yes, upon request TapiX is able to provide you with tailor-made categorization custom-built to your needs. New tags can also be added to TapiX in order to support specific use cases or help you to provide specific information to your customers according to their demands.

How to elevate transaction data into actionable insights?

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