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Transaction enrichment datapoint

Transaction categorisation

Understand your client's needs with transactions enriched by comprehensive categories and tags.

Far beyond MCC codes

Gain deep insights into specific client lifestyle and predict behaviour with a Four-level transaction categorisation system.

Merchant categories
Unique store-level tags
Categorisation coverage
Data accuracy

Make even small things impactful with quality data

Categories and tags

Make payment analysis truly insightful through segmentation and tagging for each payment.

25 merchant categories and 500+ ready-made store-level tags
Custom categories and tags
Retail, business, investment and CO2 labelling

Business expense categorisation

Provide SME and Enterprise clients with quality data for financial planning through detailed insights on common business expenses, employee payments or financial transaction recognition.

Four-level of depth of insights
Custom categories and tags
Category payment blocking
How to build impactful PFM and spending analytics

Improve your client's payment experience by clarifying their personal finance overview through enriched transaction data.

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Recurring payments

Distinguish recurring payments and subsriptions from daily transactions

Transactions are categorised with ‘subscription‘ tag
Allow clients to monitor and manage their subscriptions
Improved prediction of future account balance

Benefit from the global merchant database

TapiX is ready for deployment in any market using comprehensive algorithms combined with human validation.

Recognised merchants
Unique merchant logos
Unique locations
Data accuracy

*Today we enrich over billion of transactions per month across EMEA, LATAM and NCA regions with coverage ranging from 65-85%.

Build smart solutions with smart data

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Bring more value to your users through enriched payment data

How do you ensure data quality?

TapiX uses multiple controls based on statistics, outlier detection and various algorithms to provide you with the best data quality possible. Data quality is supervised by our data team to prevent any mistakes. Due to the complexity of data quality checks, TapiX receives less than 1 complaint per 6 000 000 processed transactions.

Are our clients data secure?

Through the API you only transfer the terminal identifiers. TapiX fulfills the highest security standards and processes no personal information about your clients. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Dateio stores and processes data in AWS which fulfills the highest security standards.

How do you ensure data quality?

Note that if TapiX returned an “unsolved” shop it might be due to multiple reasons. The data provided might not be sufficient enough to identify the correct shop (e.g. not enough parameters provided) or TapiX simply does not recognize the shop now. TapiX always returns as much information as possible but it is always possible that some information about the shop or the merchant may be missing. Note that the quality of the service improves over time and your data can be solved in the near future.