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Transaction enrichment datapoint

Transaction categorisation

Understand your client's needs with transactions enriched by comprehensive categories and tags.

Far beyond MCC codes

Gain deep insights into specific client lifestyle and predict behaviour with a Four-level transaction categorisation system.

Merchant categories
Unique store-level tags
Categorisation coverage
Data accuracy

Make even small things impactful with quality data

Categories and tags

Make payment analysis truly insightful through segmentation and tagging for each payment.

25 merchant categories and 500+ ready-made store-level tags
Custom categories and tags
Retail, business, investment and CO2 labelling

Business expense categorisation

Provide SME and Enterprise clients with quality data for financial planning through detailed insights on common business expenses, employee payments or financial transaction recognition.

Four-level of depth of insights
Custom categories and tags
Category payment blocking
How to build impactful PFM and spending analytics

Improve your client's payment experience by clarifying their personal finance overview through enriched transaction data.

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Recurring payments

Distinguish recurring payments and subsriptions from daily transactions

Transactions are categorised with ‘subscription‘ tag
Allow clients to monitor and manage their subscriptions
Improved prediction of future account balance

Benefits of merchant data enrichment

A new level of insight into customer behaviour

Quality transaction data gives you a very detailed insight into cardholder behaviour and habits. Leverage this data for marketing, sales, credit risk or analytical use cases.

Hyper-personalised banking

Use categorisation to segment and label clients for personalized communication and marketing activities tailored to the customer's lifestyle and interests.

Behaviour prediction

Improve your risk scoring methods by using statistical models and predictors to accurately represent your client’s financial health based on correct transaction categorisation.

Success story

How bunq provides
data-driven insights?

bunq - the Dutch challenger bank was struggling to achieve a high coverage of merchant reconciliation. Learn more about how TapiX helped bunq team reach their goals.

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We're here to help you grow with your data

Count on the additional services and features that the TapiX team has prepared for you, developed for quality assurance, the ability to evaluate decisions and continuous development.

Feedback API

Offer users the ability to dispute or correct erroneous information within transaction details. Allowing users to claim wrong merchant names, logos, locations, etc., ensure accurate transaction records.

Customer success

Our Customer Success Managers are ready to guide you through data validation, API implementation, testing and support you through live deployment.


We track data changes and through APIs, clients can easily see which data needs to be refreshed and modified. The client retrieves the updated data through the API and replaces or removes the old data.

Business intelligence

We provide an online reporting tool based on MS Power BI to ensure continuous transparency of the product performance for each client.

Cashback collaboration

As a core product, Dateio offers a card-linked marketing platform for targeted offers (cashback and rewards campaigns) supercharged by TapiX enriched payment data.

Pulse checks

We hold regular quarterly pulse checks. Ensuring our clients are satisfied and up-to date with our latest product enhancements.

How to elevate transaction data into actionable insights?

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