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Transaction Data Enrichment

Exceed the requirements of AN4569 standard

Improve your client's payment experience by clarifying their personal finance overview through enriched transaction data.

Trusted by 50+ global banks and fintechs


Why bring clarity into client transaction overview?

Comply with a Mastercard mandate

Meet all requirements for AN 4569 Revised Standards for the Display of Enhanced Merchant Data and stay ahead of your competition.

Lower chargebacks and client disputes

Reduce the cost of dealing with chargebacks by ensuring that clients know exactly what they are paying for and have no reason to claim their payments.

card usage

Motivate card holders to make more frequent card payments by delivering a clear and insightfull overview of their payments and finances .

Go beyond the Mastercard mandate

Meet all the requirements of AN 4569 Revised Standards for the Display of Enhanced Merchant Data, which became mandatory as of October 2023.

Merchant logo
‍‍AN 4569 mandatory

High-quality and manually checked with market localisation


25 categories at merchant level & 500+ tags at shop level

Business address
AN 4569 mandatory

Exact GPS location of a purchase with street, zip, city and region

Merchant name
AN 4569 mandatory

Identification down to franchise, sub-brand levels

CO2 footprint

Calculations and tags to educate or appraise your clients' habits

Contact details
AN 4569 mandatory

Merchant URL or phone number through Google Place ID

Visualization of enriched transaction detail with  clear merchant name, logo, category, business adress, CO2 footprint and contact details

Merchant name

Bring clarity from the start with accurate and language localised merchant name.

Identification to the level of individual stores in large shopping centres
Sub-brand recognition (e.q. Marks & Spencer vs Marks & Spencer Foods)
Franchise recognition (e.q. Amazon vs Amazon Prime)

Brand logo

Simplify visual recognition of transactions with up to date high-quality merchant logos.

Sub-brand and franchise level identification
Placeholder image of the category if the brand logo does not exist
Standardised for any app or background

Business address

Show the exact address of the physical store where the transaction was made, based on GPS coordinates

Street, zip, city, region, county and country
Identification to the level of individual stores in large shopping centres
Physical store, e-shop and online payment recognition

Contact details

Provide an additional useful vendor information powered by Google Places API enrichment.

Merchant website URL by location according to country
Additional shop level information such as opening hours, ratings or contact phone number
Enrichment through Google Places ID
Mastercard AN4569 Compliance Guide for Banks

Discover essential strategies for banks to meet Mastercard mandate AN4569. Optimize compliance and get the most out of this requirement.

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Make payment and spending analysis truly insightful through segmentation and labelling for each transaction.

25 merchant categories and 500+ ready-made store-level tags
Retail, Business, Investment, Eco and Custom labelling
Four-level transaction categorisation system for maximum information value

Eco Track

Praise clients with positive results of calculated CO2 footprint for individual transactions and identified eco-friendy habits.

Estimated CO2 footprint for every transaction
Eco labelling
Eco tips

Benefit from the gobal merchant database

TapiX API is ready for deployment in any market using comprehensive algorithms combined with human validation.

Today we enrich over billion of transactions per month across EMEA, LATAM and NCA regions with coverage ranging from 65-85% and 99.99% accuracy.


Recognised merchants


Unique merchant logos


Unique locations


Data accuracy

Success story

How bunq provides
data-driven insights?

bunq - the Dutch challenger bank was struggling to achieve a high coverage of merchant reconciliation. Learn more about how TapiX helped them through payment data enrichment.

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"As an entirely mobile bank, the pressures of innovating to match expectations is something that we thrive under. The mobile revolution has made a massive impact on society both in the way we communicate but also the rate at which we want our needs to be met. This is something that our partners at Dateio clearly agree on."

Ali Niknam

Founder & CEO at bunq

"TapiX is a great solution to enhance the customer transactional banking experience. In my view, such solution is a must for any modern bank."

Alexey Kapustin

CEO at Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG

„In a quick 3-month integration, TapiX's data met and surpassed AN4569 standards, enhancing the overall payment experience for our users. We value our cooperation with TapiX as it grants us instant access to accurate global merchant data.“

Alex Friedli

Chief Operating Officer at Swisscard

„We welcome the cooperation with TapiX as it gives us instant access to worldwide merchant data. This way we can provide better payment insights to our users without having to start worry about gathering the data ourselves.“

Leen Asfour

Product Lead at Reflect by Arab Bank

Ready to take the next step?


Bring more value to your users through enriched payment data

How do you ensure data quality?

TapiX uses multiple controls based on statistics, outlier detection and various algorithms to provide you with the best data quality possible. Data quality is supervised by our data team to prevent any mistakes. Due to the complexity of data quality checks, TapiX receives less than 1 complaint per 6 000 000 processed transactions.

Are our clients data secure?

Through the API you only transfer the terminal identifiers. TapiX fulfills the highest security standards and processes no personal information about your clients. We are ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Dateio stores and processes data in AWS which fulfills the highest security standards.

How do you ensure data quality?

Note that if TapiX returned an “unsolved” shop it might be due to multiple reasons. The data provided might not be sufficient enough to identify the correct shop (e.g. not enough parameters provided) or TapiX simply does not recognize the shop now. TapiX always returns as much information as possible but it is always possible that some information about the shop or the merchant may be missing. Note that the quality of the service improves over time and your data can be solved in the near future.


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