The better insight you have, the more you can do.

TapiX data points helps to cover the full spectrum of high-impact payment information for your internal teams, users, and clients and turn them into actionable insights.

Transaction detail in banking app with eriched payment data

What data points does Tapix enrich?

Accurate name

Clean and accurate merchant name with identification down to franchise, sub-brand levels

Example of enriched merchant name in arabic language

Brand logo

Market localised, manually checked and high-quality merchant for quick visual recognition

Showcase of enriched payment merchant logos


25 categories at merchant level & 500+ tags at shop level (B2C retail & B2B) for the most efficient sorting and identification surpassing MCC codes

Example of different categorization with enriched payment data


Label subscription payments with a unique tag to add more clarity

Example of identified payment for Spotify subscription

Merchant URL

Links to merchant websites to detail transactions that people like to use

Merchant URL address in transaction detail in banking app

CO2 footprint

Use carbon footprint calculations and eco-labelling to educate or appraise your clients' habits and fulfil your business partners' Scope 1,2,3 reporting requirements.

Carbon footprint calculations in PFM with eco tags

GPS location

Recognising the exact location of a purchase with street, zip, city, region, county, country and GPS coordinates

Location of payment shown on map witch GPS

Google Place ID

Identifier for Google Place ID through which you can get shop level info about opening hours, ratings or contact phone number

Google Places ID integrated on transaction detail in banking app

We're here to help you grow with your data

Count on the additional services and features that the TapiX team has prepared for you, developed for quality assurance, the ability to evaluate decisions and continuous development.

Feedback API

Offer users the ability to dispute or correct erroneous information within transaction details by allowing users to claim wrong merchant names, logos, locations, etc., ensure accurate transaction records

Customer success

Our Customer Success Managers are ready to guide you through data validation, API implementation, testing and support you through live deployment


We track data changes and through APIs, clients can easily see which data needs to be refreshed and modified. The client retrieves the updated data through the API and replaces or removes the old data.

Business intelligence

We provide an online reporting tool based on MS Power BI to ensure continuous transparency of the product performance for each client.

Cashback collaboration

As a core product, Dateio offers a card-linked marketing platform for targeted offers (cashback and rewards campaigns) supercharged by TapiX enriched payment data.

Pulse checks

We hold regular pulse check meetings at least quarterly to ensure client satisfaction with product performance, inform clients about the latest product enhancements.

How to elevate payment data into actionable insights?

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