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Why do banking and fintech teams love us?

All cards on the Table

Trust but verify. Sandbox is freely accessible on our website, where you can personally test and verify our claims of accuracy, coverage, and data richness TapiX provides. Comprehensive documentation is also available for free.

Trusted Advising

We share our extensive know-how through blog articles, engaging conferences, and a wealth of other content. Explore our resources and stay informed with the latest in fintech innovation and best practices.

Superior Accuracy

At TapiX, anything less than perfect accuracy is unacceptable. That's why we guarantee our results are 99.9% accurate. Even one complaint per 6,000,000 transactions is not good enough for us.

Solution Enablement

Our precise data enables clients to build more useful and engaging solutions for their users and meet the internal needs of banks and fintechs. Unlock the full potential of your financial services with reliable and actionable insights.

Social Responsibility

Create products that positively impact millions of people worldwide. Our solutions help enhance financial literacy, fostering better financial understanding and decision-making across the globe.

Global Coverage

Smart data, smart people. Our API might have started in Europe, but the TapiX platform is aiming to enrich transaction data globally. We already cover more than 70 markets.