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Cash or card? TapiX launches ATM Nearby™ to help with cash withdrawals while traveling

Michal Maliarov
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Cash is still the topic

The world might be becoming more digital by the day, yet in many countries across the globe, there are still around 3.5 million ATMs in operation. In many places, cash payments remain essential and are still considered the main way to pay. We are here to elevate the user’s experience when discovering unknown places and searching for a way to withdraw money.  

“ATM fees are biting harder than ever. The average total fee a customer pays for an out-of-network ATM transaction rose to $4.73, a record high, based on data from non-interest and interest accounts.”

Greg McBride, CFA at Bankrate

TapiX ATM Nearby was created to be a universal helping hand to all passionate travellers to make cash withdrawals easy and convenient, no matter where they are. Besides the basic function of displaying all the nearest ATMs within the banking app, there are many additional features designed to save time and money. How about being aware of extra fees incurred by the ATM owner in a foreign country?  

The solution is designed for global use, leveraging enriched data to provide users with useful information like:

  • ATM exact location
  • Distance to destination
  • Accurate provider name
  • Withdrawal fee
  • ATM labelling´ (contactless withdrawal, wheelchair access etc.)
  • Clear provider logo
“Delivering enriched data for banks is one thing; guiding them to use this data properly and transform it into usable features is quite another. ATM Nearby is our first step in helping banks utilize payment data to the fullest, bringing more value to both customers and the banks themselves.”

Ivan Dovica, Co-founder of Dateio & CEO for TapiX

With an ATM Nearby™ solution, TapiX helps build trust and support between banks, customers and their experiences. Banks can provide great CX to their clients while searching for a place to withdraw money abroad with one click, while customers will always have additional support so they can focus on what matters most – their adventures.

Ready to boost your app's ranking?

Learn how TapiX's new ATM Nearby™ solution can help you improve the user experience and overall client satisfaction with your application.

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Michal Maliarov

Senior insider

A creative enthusiast who has spent half of his life in the technology industry. Passionate about fintech, AI, and the mobile tech market. Navigating the thin line between the worlds of media and advertising for over 10 years, where he feels most at home.

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