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TapiX launches payment data enrichment in Bitpanda app

Ondřej Slivka
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One of the significant challenges millions of people face across the globe, irrespective of gender or age group, is keeping track of their spending. Over the years, many expense trackers have been developed to help people monitor their spending. However, many of such solutions are not comprehensive or user-friendly enough, which is why Bitpanda partnered with TapiX – data enrichment API by Dateio.

“On our global expansion journey we are tapping into new sectors. As investing is a crucial part of our day-to-day life and is becoming more and more important, being able to invest and spend through one app is becoming a requirement. We are happy to be part of Bitpanda app fueling financial literacy and transaction volumes in investment and crypto reward spendings, motivating customers to use such platforms daily with data-enhanced user experience.”

Ivan Dovica, COO and Founder of Dateio

What is Bitpanda?

Bitpanda makes investing accessible for everyone. Founded in 2014 in Vienna, Austria by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer, Bitpanda exists to help people trust themselves enough to build financial freedom for their future. The user-friendly, trade-everything platform empowers both first-time investors and seasoned experts to invest in the cryptocurrencies, crypto indices, stocks and precious metals they want – starting from 1€ only, 24/7. With more than 730 team members and steadily approaching 4 million customers, the company is one of Europe's most successful fintechs.

With the user experience being as crucial to Bitpanda as it is, it made sense to partner up with TapiX. TapiX is Dateio’s REST API service designed to enrich payment data in real-time, and it returns the company logo, real brand name, GPS, business category, Google Place ID, and company URL. The service also helps detect subscriptions, eco-friendly purchases and CO2 tracking, supporting card payments and bank transfers with the ability to enrich either complete bank data or any open banking data such as PSD2.

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Ondřej Slivka

Senior insider

A seasoned B2B marketing enthusiast with 5+ years of experience sharing insights in the world of digital banking and fintech. My passion lies in crafting innovative strategies and engaging content that delivers desired results.

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