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How Twisto better monitors expenses with TapiX

Michal Maliarov
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Initial situation

  • Basic management of purchases and deals through the Twisto app
  • Big focus on payments and transactions
  • Basic categorization and information pool with no detailed information

Twisto logo

Twisto is a fintech company based in the Czech Republic that provides innovative payment solutions and financial services for more than 1,6 milion users, particularly focused on simplifying and modernizing the payment experience for consumers. The company is known for offering services such as pay-later options and digital wallet solutions, allowing users to make purchases and manage transactions with flexibility.

The goal

Give customers in Czech republic and Poland a better understanding of their finances while monitoring their expenses and managing payments in a more informative way.

  • Access merchant GPS location
  • Expand the categorization of purchases
  • Create a more informed customer base thanks to enriched banking data
  • Streamline the UI to create an environment that is easy to navigate
“Thanks to the accuracy of TapiX data, our customers have a better view of what they have recently paid for. Such transparency translates into greater customer satisfaction and loyalty to our products. It also reduces operational costs related to customer service and chargebacks"

Pavel Prucek, Head of Product at Twisto


STEP 1 – Provide a proper identification of merchants

The Twisto transaction overview with enriched payment data to display the accurate merchant name and brand logo and category symbol for greater insight.
The Twisto app transaction overview uses enriched data to display the accurate merchant name and brand logo and category symbol for greater insight.

After the initial cooperation started at the end of 2017, an important first step for TapiX was to make all the merchants and stores locations in the digital environment easy to find and manage. By making the localization more informative and understandable Twisto made sure users had a complete knowledge of where the purchases were made.

STEP 2 – Add more detailed transaction details

Twisto app transaction detail with enriched payment data from TapiX
Transaction detail provides users with clear and information about what they paid for, to whom, when and where through enriched payment data. It also provides precise information about the category of the transaction, which is then useful not only for PFM.

Transaction details are available in the Twisto app since march 2018. Next step was to expand and enrich the categorization of purchases to provide users with an even better understanding of their spending habits, as well as a more convenient way to track and manage their finances.

STEP 3 – Create a seamless user experience with enriched data

Twisto PFM overview with TapiX enriched payment categorization
Twisto has built its own PFM based on TapiX payment categorization, which allows to use 25 main categories and more than 500 tags in 3 levels. This gives cardholders as well as the internal analytics team the maximum possible insights.

In order to make a smart financial decisions, the platform needs to be as simple and seamless as possible. Enriched data from TapiX made sure all the purchases, merchants and locations were easily understandable while being visually pleasing thanks to brand new logos and graphics.


TapiX API is designed for seamless integration

TapiX uses the in-house REST API that enabled Twisto to provide their customers with more accurate and up-to-date information about merchant locations, names, logos, and URLs.  

TapiX also makes it possible for customers to view the exact history of transactions in the banking application. This is especially useful for making payments for recurring expenses such as subscriptions for services like Netflix or Spotify.  


With overall data integration accuracy being 99,99 %, TapiX managed to provide an easy and convenient way for Twisto to improve the quality of information available to their customers while also making it simpler and more efficient to manage payments. All of that is supported by 25 merchant categories with more than 250k recognized merchants and 850k unique shops and locations, adding an extra layer of information for the clients.

“In the beginning, we wanted to offer our customers the best deals and a cashback feature, but we have found that having a better view of transactions is more valuable to our users.”

Pavel Prucek, Head of Product at Twisto

About author

Michal Maliarov

Senior insider

A creative enthusiast who has spent half of his life in the technology industry. Passionate about fintech, AI, and the mobile tech market. Navigating the thin line between the worlds of media and advertising for over 10 years, where he feels most at home.

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