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Make even small things impactful with quality data

TapiX is the industry-leading API service providing banks and fintechs with transaction data enrichment.

Tapix Transaction Data Enrichment API example of source code

Trusted by 50+ global banks and fintechs


From confusion to clarity

1. Collect data

Collect raw merchant descriptions from card transaction, bank transfers or open banking (PSD2) payments.

2. Call TapiX API

TapiX engine enriches raw transaction data into actionable insights and send them back to your infrastructure.

3. Unlock the potential of enriched data

Get clean, structured data that's ready to use for your analytical, UX, sustainability or business cases.

our Product

Having richer data
makes your job easier

We believe that the better data you have, the less work you have to do. Richer data streamlines your work, transforming chaos into clarity. Put full focus on solution building, rather than messy data wrangling.

Merchant Name

Clean and accurate merchant name with identification down to franchise and sub-brand levels.

URL Address

URL of the merchant's website respecting the language preferences of clients.

Google Places ID

Identifier for Google Place ID through which you can get shop level info about opening hours, ratings or contact phone number.

Merchant Logo

Manually proofed and high quality country specific merchant logo for quick visual recognition.


25 categories at merchant level & 500+ tags at shop level for the most efficient segmentation and identification surpassing MCC codes.

GPS Location

Exact location of a purchase with street, zip, city, region, county, country and GPS coordinates.

ATM Nearby™

ATM locator with brand name, logo, distance and even withdrawal fee.

Eco Track™

Carbon footprint calculation, Eco Labelling and Eco Tips to educate and appraise your clients' habits. Or fulfil your business partners' Scope 1,2,3 reporting requirements.


Label subscription and recurring payments with a special tag to add more clarity.

Fraud Detection


Guard for fraudulent payments.

Ready for any standard

TapiX collects, consolidates and enriches data from all relevant payment sources to provide a comprehensive view of customer spending habits

Card transactions
Bank transfers
PSD2 / Open banking data
Local standards (QR payments, …)
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mastercard logo
maestro logo
American express logo
Diners club logo
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Get trusted insights and truly understand your clients' lives


TapiX will not provide results unless they are 99,9% accurate. Even an average of 1 complaint per 6,000,000 transactions is not good enough for us.


TapiX engine learns fast and adapts to new regions very quickly. We keep coverage as high as 95% for categorization and 85% for brand recognition.

Information richness

Tapix enriches data down to the store level. This guarantees a multi-level depth of information.


Data accuracy


Merchant categories


Store-level category tags


Recognized merchants


Unique merchant logos


Unique shops & locations

Success story

How bunq provides
data-driven insights?

bunq - the Dutch challenger bank was struggling to achieve a high coverage of merchant reconciliation. Learn more about how TapiX helped them through payment data enrichment.

Read success story
"As an entirely mobile bank, the pressures of innovating to match expectations is something that we thrive under. The mobile revolution has made a massive impact on society both in the way we communicate but also the rate at which we want our needs to be met. This is something that our partners at Dateio clearly agree on."

Ali Niknam

Founder & CEO at bunq

"TapiX is a great solution to enhance the customer transactional banking experience. In my view, such solution is a must for any modern bank."

Alexey Kapustin

CEO at Raiffeisen Digital Bank AG

„In a quick 3-month integration, TapiX's data met and surpassed AN4569 standards, enhancing the overall payment experience for our users. We value our cooperation with TapiX as it grants us instant access to accurate global merchant data.“

Alex Friedli

Chief Operating Officer at Swisscard

„We welcome the cooperation with TapiX as it gives us instant access to worldwide merchant data. This way we can provide better payment insights to our users without having to start worry about gathering the data ourselves.“

Leen Asfour

Product Lead at Reflect by Arab Bank


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Bank-grade security

Through the TapiX API you only transfer the terminal identifiers. TapiX fulfills the highest security standards and processes no personal information about your clients.

ISO 27001 certified
GDPR compliant
AWS for data stores and processes
ISO 27001
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