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Top 50+ Must-Attend Fintech Conferences of 2024

Ondřej Slivka
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Industry leaders, banking professionals, and fintech enthusiasts are eagerly seeking opportunities to explore emerging trends, exchange ideas, and create connections that will shape the future of finance. The year 2024 is on the way and so are the best fintech conferences and events, promising partnerships, ideas and new projects. We picked the best of the best to keep your eyes on.

Money LIVE Summit

10 - 11 March - London | website

Hosted in the FinTech capital of the world, MoneyLIVE Summit is the global payments and banking event bringing together industry leaders at the top of their game. This is where ground-breaking partnerships are forged, where innovation is accelerated and where the brightest ideas are born.

This year is full of interesting speakers including Francesca Carlesi, CEO of Revolut UK, Sujata Bhatia, CEO of Monzo or Jakub Malach, CRBO of Raiffeisen Digital Bank.  

Money 20/20

4 - 6 June - Amsterdam | website

Renowned as the world's leading fintech and payments event, Money 20/20 brings together visionaries, innovators, and disruptors from across the globe and gives you the unique opportunity to connect with companies and people that you usually would not see, all in one place.

This year, the show theme is“Human X Machine”, which underscores modern trends of humans and AI machines, creating the new world. You can expect the keynote Eurobank Giants Unite with Joanne Hannafod, CIO for Deutsche bank, and Marnix Van Stiphout, COO/CTO ofING. 

UK Fintech Week

10 - 14 June - London | website

Fintech Week London is a week-long series of events that highlight and celebrate London's innovative fintech scene, including a flagship conference on Thursday 13 June, which will bring together 1000+ senior decision makers from leading fintechs, banks, investment firms, regulatory bodies, media companies and service providers.

This years top speakers includeEmma Kerr, SVP of Visa, Theo Lau, the founder of Unconventional Ventures, or Ashlea Atigolo, a co-founder of Inatigo.

Money LIVE Nordic Banking

22 - 23 September - Copenhagen | website

MoneyLIVE Nordic Banking unites the top leaders from across the Nordic and Baltic regions to take innovation to new heights, and provides a space for creative thinking across companies and borders. Be inspired by visionaries, and ensure you’re at the centre of transformational developments.

Speakers for this year event include Ken Villum Klausen, CEO of Lunar, Christian Luckow, senior vice-president of Danske Bank, or Elin Westerberg, CSO of Gimi.

Nordic Fintech Week

25 - 26 September - Copenhagen | website

The Nordic Fintech Week is designed to connect you to some of the most influential founders, thinkers, and visionaries of the Nordic fintech ecosystem and learn about the latest industry trends. Its mission is to put on stage the Nordic Innovation that is turning this remarkable region into a Fintech powerhouse.

This year drivers forward a theme of sustainability and automation, with keynotes like “A self-driving financial ecosystem”, “The future of ensurance” or “Metaverse”. 

Fintech Connect

4 - 5 December - London | website

Fintech Connect is committed to empowering financial Institutions with cutting-edge technology, tools, and innovation across four main verticals: Digital Innovation & Gen AI,Payments, Digital Assets and Digital Identity. As the industry’s full ecosystems how, it brings together 3000+ global attendees - from forward-thinking start-ups to the C-suite of major financial institutions, and CFOs at some of the globe’s most disruptive merchants.

This years speakers includeSergio Signoretti, CFO of, Daniel Marovitz, Senior vice-president of or Lee Taylor, CFO of Onlyfans.

The Full List of Must-Attend Fintech Conferences

Event name Date Location
IFX Expo 16-18 Jan, 2024 Dubai
9th Annual Strategic Sourcing and Procurement MENA Summit 23-24 Jan, 2024 Dubai
World Finance Council 24-25 Jan, 2024 Dubai
8th Annual Retail Banking Technologies summit 7-8 Feb, 2024 Vienna
Banking Renaissance 7-9 Feb, 2024 Amsterdam
Open banking and customer experience transformation 14-15 Feb, 2024 Berlin
Fintech Revolution summit Bahrain 14-15 Feb, 2024 Bahrain
Sthlm Fintech Week 12-16 Feb, 2024 Stockholm
Masters of Digital 21 Feb, 2024 Brussels
FinovateEurope 27-28 Feb, 2024 London
Middle East Banking AI & Analytics Summit 29 Feb, 2024 Dubai
Leap 2024 4-7 Mar, 2024 Saudi Arabia
MoneyLIVE Summit 6-7 Mar, 2024 London
Fraud Conference 2024 13-15 Mar, 2024 London
Merchant Payment Ecosystem 12-14 Mar, 2024 Berlin
PAY360 conference 19-20 Mar, 2024 London
Money Motion 2024 21-22 Mar, 2024 Zagreb
Digital Transformation in Banking Summit 20 Mar, 2024 Dubai
Innovate Finance Global Summit 15-16 Apr, 2024 London
13th Annual Digital Banking and Mobile Payment Summit 10-11 Apr, 2024 Vienna
Fintech Summit Middle East 24 Apr, 2024 Bahrain
UNI Global 15th Global Banking Innovation Forum & Expo 25-26 Apr, 2024 Prague
The AltFi Festival of Finance 1 May, 2024 London
Dubai Fintech Summit 6-7 May, 2024 Dubai
Nordic Fintech Summit 16 May, 2024 Helsinki
Seamless Middle East 14-15 May, 2024 Dubai
Tech Summit London 16-17 May, 2024 London
Middle East Banking Innovation Summit 17-18 May, 2024 Dubai
Embedded by Fintech 21 May, 2024 London
ePaySummit Europe 21 May, 2024 London
FinovateSpring 21-23 May, 20244 San Francisco, USA
Reflect Fest 30-31 May, 2024 Cyprus
Latitude59 May, 2024 Talinn
Money20/20 Europe 4-6 Jun, 2024 Amsterdam
UK FinTech Week 10-14 Jun, 2024 London
Digital Transformation in Banking Summit 14 Jun, 2024 Amsterdam
3rd Annual Customer Experience Management For Financial Institutions 13-14 Jun, 2024 Vienna
Unchain Festival 19-20 Jun, 2024 Romania
MoneyNext 19-20 Jun, 2024 London
Banking Transformation Summit 19-20 Jun, 2024 London
Future of Finance 20-21 Jun, 2024 Amsterdam
Nordic Fintech Week 25-26 Sep, 2024 Copenhagen
Seamless Europe 10-11 Sep, 2024 Munich
FiNext 28-29 Sep, 2024 Dubai
Digital Transformation week 1-2 Oct, 2024 Amsterdam
Fintech Forward 2-3 Oct, 2024 Bahrain
Fintech Surge 13-16 Oct, 2024 Dubai
Fintech World Forum Nov, 2024 London
EBINTEC Banking Innovation Conference 7-8 Nov, 2024 Istanbul
Fintech Talents 11-12 Nov, 2024 London
FinCrim 360 19 Nov, 2024 London
Finance magnates London Summit 20-22 Nov, 2024 London
Abu Dhabi Fintech Week 27-30 Nov, 2024 Abu Dhabi
Payments Summit Europe 28 Nov, 2024 London
AML and Fincrime Tech Forum Dec, 2024 London
Fintech Connect 2024 4-5 Dec, 2024 London
Digital Acceleration and Transformation Expo 11-12 Dec, 2024 Saudi Arabia
Sibos 21-24 Oct, 2024 Beijing
Global Digital Banking Mobile Payments Innovation Summit 23-24 Oct, 2024 Vienna

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