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7 Digital Banking Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Michal Maliarov
min read

So far, 2024 is gearing up to be a game-changer for the world of digital banking, making staying ahead of the curve as crucial as ever. This transformation is driven by technological advancements and a relentless pursuit of meeting customer needs, particularly among younger generations born into the digital age.

They are the ones setting the pace and standards in the tech industry. Now, let's dive into the seven digital banking trends set to redefine the financial industry in the coming year.


In the quest for customer satisfaction, hyper-personalization emerges as a most noticeable trend. For banks, it's not just about knowing the customer anymore; it's about understanding them on a deeper level.

Platforms leverage data analytics and artificial intelligence to provide tailored solutions, with data enrichment becoming the new way forward. Imagine a banking experience so personalized that it anticipates your needs, preferences, and financial aspirations. It's not just banking; it's an intuitive, personalized financial journey for each customer, made even more personal the more you use it.

This is made possible by the better use of data, whether for advisal purposes, personalized services, or financial literacy.

Sustainability-driven banking

In the wake of global environmental concerns, sustainable banking practices are gaining traction. Fintech companies are integrating sustainability into their core values. The TapiX platform, for example, is using Eco-Track technology to give bank customers more insights into their spending habits and how they affect the environment around them.

From eco-friendly investment portfolios to carbon footprint tracking, the financial industry is playing an important role in fostering environmentally responsible financial practices. And digital platforms are one of the best ways to get it into the hands of customers as naturally as possible.

Smart recommendations

No longer do clients need to navigate a sea of banking options. Thanks to cutting-edge data analysis and platforms like @TapiX, banks gain profound insights into clients' financial behavior, preferences, and goals.

This understanding empowers the delivery of personalized recommendations, offering precisely aligned banking products, investment options, or credit cards that cater to the specific needs of clients and banks alike. Banks see the life of their clients and can adapt better to their changing needs, and clients are happy to feel their bank actually understands them.

Crypto integration

Cryptocurrencies are not just a passing trend; they are becoming an integral part of fintech. Their acceptance and integration are reshaping payment methods and influencing investment portfolios, making transactions faster, easier, and more secure.

This goes hand in hand with more digitized banking, offering diversified financial options and redefining traditional notions of currency. Of course, real money is not going anywhere, but customers get more options to choose from and ways to diversify their financial portfolio. And that is always a good thing.

Personalized content and education

Banking extends beyond transactions; it's a tool you can use to learn and grow. Banks are curating personalized educational content to enhance clients' financial literacy with data analysis helping each customer individually.

This includes articles, videos, and interactive tools addressing unique questions and providing guidance based on individual financial profiles. Noteworthy examples, such as GoHenry or Revolut Junior, exemplify the successful integration of personalized content to empower clients on their financial journey.

AI-powered assistance

Artificial intelligence is moving personalization to new heights, transforming finance into a truly personalized experience. From tailored financial advice to precise investment recommendations, AI is revolutionizing user support and interactions.

AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants offer personalized assistance, understanding user inquiries, providing relevant information, facilitating transactions, and offering recommendations tailored to individual financial situations.

Biometric security advancements

The future of digital banking is secure, thanks to advancements in biometric security and other advanced security measures. Typing the passwords is becoming a thing of the past; now it’s all about facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and even behavioral biometrics.

This trend ensures a multi-layered security approach, making unauthorized access a thing of the past. Of course, the rise of digital financial platforms and neobanks amplifies the need for constant vigilance. By continuously monitoring user behavior and transaction patterns, banks can proactively detect unusual or fraudulent activities and take measures to safeguard accounts.

The times are changing, and so is the way we interact with our finances. Hyper-personalization, AI-assisted banking, quantum computing, DeFi, sustainability-driven practices, and biometric security advancements are not just trends; they represent the evolution of banking as we know it.

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Michal Maliarov

Senior insider

A creative enthusiast who has spent half of his life in the technology industry. Passionate about fintech, AI, and the mobile tech market. Navigating the thin line between the worlds of media and advertising for over 10 years, where he feels most at home.

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