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Example of transaction detail with enriched payment data

Exceed the requirements of
AN 4569 standard

Improve your client's payment experience by clarifying their personal finance overview through enriched transaction data.

Example of transactions overview with enriched payment data

Go beyond the Mastercard mandate

Meet all the requirements of AN 4569 Revised Standards for the Display of Enhanced Merchant Data, which became mandatory as of October 2023. Exceed them with additional valuable data points and information.

Learn about Mastercard rules

Let your cards and banking app reach their full potential

Increase the chances that your clients will use cards by giving them a clear view of their finances, transaction history and habits. Help them make informed decisions through your banking app every day.

Merchant logo
‍‍AN 4569 required

High-quality and manually checked with market localisation


25 categories at merchant level & 500+ tags at shop level

Business address
AN 4569 required

Exact GPS location of a purchase with street, zip, city and region

Merchant name
AN 4569 required

Identification down to franchise, sub-brand levels

CO2 footprint

Calculations and tags to educate or appraise your clients' habits

Contact details
AN 4569 required

Merchant URL or phone number through Google Place ID

Visualization of enriched transaction detail with  clear merchant name, logo, category, business adress, CO2 footprint and contact details
Data flow diagram during enrichment

Go beyond with TapiX

Clients using TapiX's payment data enrichment solutions are already providing their customers with high-quality, up-to-date and secure data on more than 90% of their transactions, above and beyond Mastercard's requirements.

Comply with a Mastercard mandate

Meet all requirements for AN 4569 Revised Standards for the Display of Enhanced Merchant Data and stay ahead of your competition.

Lower chargebacks

Reduce the cost of dealing with chargebacks by ensuring that clients know exactly what they are paying for and have no reason to claim their payments.

Increase card usage

When customers understand what they're paying for and have a clear view of their finances, the likelihood of them using cards for payments significantly increases.

Fulfill Mastercard Mandate
with industry-leading API for
payment data enrichment

Superior accuracy, high coverage & complexity

Seamless integration & fast implementation

ISO 27001 certified & GDPR compliant


Data accuracy

1.5 bln+

Enriched transactions per month


Bank & Fintech
clients globally

70 mil+

People make decisions every day with enriched data

Join compliant global leaders